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Hi waving hand

I’m Bryan Lence, a Design Leader in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. When I’m not working, you can find me climbing, skiing, trail running, and yoga-ing.

You can find me on LinkedIn or read about my past professional exploits below.

12/18 - 03/20


Most recently, I was the Director of UX at Drip, the world’s first eCommerce CRM. We helped eCommerce companies better understand and speak to their loyal customers.

2/12 - 5/18


I managed the UX team at Venafi, where we designed software that protected the encryption assets of the world’s largest companies.

8/10 - 2/12


I designed new shopping, review, and community experiences at Backcountry as well as helped design a complete overhaul of the eCommerce store.

5/09 - 8/09


As an intern, I built webpages and tested the New York Stock Exchange’s new CMS. I did not get anyone coffee.

9/08 - 5/10


I was fortunate to spend two years exploring, prototyping, and building new technology at NYU’s ITP program.

8/06 - 8/08


At OpenPlans I user tested new features and organized product feedback for the engineering team.